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Hi, I'm a Honorary Deaf Lesbian and I would like to talk about non-patriarchal cultures

Hi, since this comm is a bit lacking in good anti-oppression non-patriarchal sisterly sharing I thought I'd talk a bit about non-patriarchal cultures and languages and how they relate to my being a Honorary Deaf Lesbian.

When I became a lesbian, I decided I needed to be a separatist, and I figured that foreign countries didn't have patriarchy, so I learned beautiful and non-patriarchal languages like french, spanish and italian. Then I decided to take some asl classes too because it seemed like a beautiful non-patriarchal language too, and while I slowly learned more and more, I also realized hearing was man oppress act.

Deaf Lesbian friend ask me become interpreter where hospital, but I not think I ready. I interpret for my friend more and more Deaf Lesbians want me interpret. I take classes to interpret and graduate with best grades. First I not expert what Deaf culture but I learn and become. And I find culture free what man oppress. So I become interpreter why work and become expert what Deaf culture. Friends think me Honorary Deaf Lesbian.

(ooc edit: lol, I realize the piece mocked is old and obscure, but while obscure, the sentiment mocked is not, i.e. the idea that somehow asl is a less patriarchal language than english. In this case the inspiration is, however, a piece by a radical separatist lesbian terp in a '94 book... >.>)
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