and the lovely silver traces erase my empty pages (fall_of_sophia) wrote in feminist_lite,
and the lovely silver traces erase my empty pages

Okay we all know the entire point of feminism is CHOICE. But I want to hear about where we draw the line! Obviously, we don't want women who want to look like porno sluts caving to the patriarchy and getting breast implants. They're totally ugly anyway just like face lifts and all other cosmetic surgery!

There is a MTF transgender I know who told me she is getting this surgery on her face that's supposed to make her look like a real woman. It sounds disgusting and I just don't understand why she just can't be more brave and tell the people who stare at her to fuck off! Probably because she thinks being mousy makes her more of a real girl too or something. SIGH. I hate the gender binary.

And why would anyone want to get breast reduction? What could be more woman-hating than that? It's like castration of motherhood!

Come on people, do you think primitive women in other parts of the world mutilate their bodies with things like this? Well, I guess maybe some, in really patriarchal cultures. I just know that it's not natural for doctors to cut you up unless you need your appendix or wisdom teeth out or something!
Tags: anthropology students, keep your theories on my body, slutwear, surgical mutilation
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