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Have you gyns ever heard of Carol Adams? I am so glad I heard of her! You see, she has fully explained how eating meat is part of the patriarchy and must therefore be outlawed, because men use the phrase "piece of meat" to describe wombyn. Isn't it interesting how use of language can show us how the patriarchy has even invaded our dietary habits?

It's also good to know that she knows all about the transpeople trying to invade our wombyns-only spaces. I'm glad someone else is standing up for us against all those men who are pretending to be women (note that they even spell it patriarchally!) to try and get in our spaces so they can patronize us and sneak into our bathrooms. We have an ally in the fight against the patriarchal trannies! (I'm sorry if the word "fight" is too male and patriarchal. I will change it to something like "wombynly community's goal of helping our fellow wombyn by opposing the patriarchy" if my original wording is too violent.)

Does anyone else have any exceptional heroes to the wombyn's movement? I'm trying to learn about more modern wombyn heroes of fymynysm.

(Edited to make the spelling of "fymynysm" less patriarchal than the original, "feminism")
Hi there! I just discovered this totally awesome com! You guys gyns are the best feminists out there! I grew up with a lot of feminists like you around, and I loved every second of the amazing womyntoring I got!

I especially love it when they explained what kinds of prejudice are and aren't important, and the difference between minor instances of well-meaning ignorance that just need education, and horrible oppression of middle class white American women, like knowing that witch-burnings used to happen! For instance, did you know that my near-inability to get a job because prospective employers look at me, see my disability and assume I can't do anything that could possibly involve lifting, carrying, or standing is minor well-meaning ignorance? Or that the best way of dealing with people who ask complete strangers to make decisions for me because they take one look assume I can't be out in public on my own is very polite and patient explanations? Or that being grabbed by total strangers without permission is perfectly okay if they're just trying to help with my disability in some way? I didn't! Just goes to show what education can achieve!

Because of my new found commitment to extremely polite education, I hereby volunteer to play Token Disabled Friend to anyone on here. Feel free to ask me any intensely personal questions, so anyone reading can get educated and decide they don't want to be prejudiced ignorant anymore!  Not that any feminists need it, of course.  Also, feel free to suggest any non-patriarchal womyn-centric remedies!  I love being asked to spend my time, energy, and tiny disposable income on something that could possibly make me more like normal people!  Especially if there's no icky patriarchal science behind it!

ETA: Patriarchal language!  Sorry, gyns!  Hope no one was triggered!

Thoughts on Proposition 8

I'm kind of torn on my opinion on Proposition 8. On the one hand, it totally invalidates lesbianism, which as we all know is the height of what feminism is.

On the other hand, I've heard that passing Prop 8 could invalidate hetero marriages, which are of course evil and a tool of the patriarchy. That can't be a bad thing, right?

I'm really confused as to what I should think about this. What's a wombyn-loving feminist to do????

lesbophobia / anti radical feminism

I encourage everyone to join transgenderist communities in order to monitor the level of bullying and harrassment directed at freedom fighter lesbians like I know you all are.

I mean, really, what have THEY done for freedom? Are they anti-woman and anti-lesbian or what?

Is the Snack Food Industry Homophobic?

One doesn't have to look far to see the images of misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia in this particularly seedy industry. During the Superbowl this year, they showed a commercial that conflated perceptions of homoerotic love with effeminacy, both something to be avoided by two "manly" men.

I know that I am never eating chocolate, peanuts, caramel, or nougat again! Opression of women, trans people, and cacao beans, legumes, and commercial sugar crops are all issues that really "hit close to home" for me.


The moment I saw this, I KNEW I had to post it here!!

I really really really can't stress strongly enough how much it shocks my heart to hear how often the expression "you guys" is used in everyday language, especially in social movement/radical community spaces.

I don't mean to be unsympathetic or humorless or heartless. Yes I understand how difficult it is to replace that phrase with something else. But I promise it can be done. And talking about love and revolution and radical politics and building a movement feels so much better once "you guys" is gone.

Yeah I know!! It's just so so so HURTFUL, especially when womyn do it! I mean, we're trying to revolt and we call ourselves men, sometimes, and it just makes my heart hurt so bad! I can't think of anything worse to hear in a movement-building space! And "gyns" sounds almost like "guys" anyway which is really cool so I use that (I think it came from someone on Heart's blog, but I don't remember.) Except sometimes I don't hear people clearly and I think they said "you guys" anyway and I just get so MAD. Like Patricia, I got her kicked out for saying "guys" but then I found out she said "gyns" after the collective voted her out, and I kind of feel bad.

race card = sexualized violence?

I was just watching America's Top Model which has mostly been transgenderist propaganda and women of color taking out their internalized misogyny on white women. So like, this girl pushed the transgender out of her personal space and stuff, probably because the male energy triggered her. Later that led to a discussion where she informed everyone that she is, in fact, a very white woman and some other stuff. A bunch of the women of color got together and made her cry a lot. Anyway, later this woman was describing her experience and invoked the experience of "gang rape." The later is not something I have experienced but I can totally see what she meant by this because it happened to me in my Sociology of Gender and Race class. I never felt so low and the whole thing left me feeling traumatized for days. I understand I have white privilege and I totally respect that women of color might want their own spaces sometimes, like we want spaces away from male-to-constructed-females. But why is it always that one vulnerable white girl is attacked from every side? Why do they think that is productive? I know that white people did terrible things a long time ago but why are people taking it out on people like me?



I was reading one of Heart's posts and I realized BDSM is evil. I don't care if I never get off again, being pro-woman is enough for me!

So I just learned something about Alix Dobkin that I would have never known if I had continued to listen to the usual "queer community" people.

"Alix is against transexuals"
No way! I look to transexuals to break new ground and not to reinforce conventional gender stereotypes.

I mean, I don't know about the rest of feminist_lite but that sounds totally REASONABLE to me! Really, why DON'T more Ftm and Mtf transsexuals just style themselves as androdykes*, strive to develop some kind of distinct personality of their own, stop kidnapping our butches, and stop getting surgically mutilated? I don't get it.

And look, she even used the empowering spelling of transexual with one S that more of them should adopt like we have adopted womon/womyn. Subversive spelling is the most direct of direct actions. Obviously, she CARES and has just been trying to START A DIALOGUE! 

Please don't act like anti-semites and call me "transphobic" thx.

* - note to Mtfs: lolz just because I say you should look like one doesn't mean I want you in my dyke community!

Sep. 1st, 2008

Someone pointed me to the Stuff White People Like Facebook application and sadly I took this quiz though the racism of that blog makes me sick to my stomach. But it made me realize something.

Top 25 Whitest Networks
1. Creighton
2. Immaculate Heart High School
3. Stuart Country Day School
4. Tetra Tech
5. Citadel Broadcasting
6. Ossining Senior High School
7. Greece
8. Ripon
9. Central High School
10. SIU Edwardsville
11. Houston Downtown
12. École Centrale Paris
13. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
14. Baldwin-Wallace
15. Abuja
16. Colorado College
17. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
18. Albany Medical College
19. Hamilton College
20. Manatee
21. Opsware, Inc.
22. University of Manitoba
23. Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
24. Sarah Lawrence
25. Charles Sturt University

I went to #23 for half of my ninth grade year*. It's a public magnet school, and it's not that it was more disproportionately white than other "exclusive" schools - certainly not the private schools. We had a number of black people in the technical theater department. And omg SO many Jewish kids.

That leads me to the conclusion that this isn't specifically anti-white racism, but prejudice against those of us who, regardless of economic background, prefer bruschetta over buffalo wings, NPR over Clear Channel, Urban Outfitters over Target, Tarzhay over Wal-Mart, "Brooklyn" over everywhere else, and being freelance artists over selling out.

We need to be able to talk about this -ism, but we don't yet have the -ism pinned down. Cultural-capitaliaphobia doesn't quite work and I felt alienated by that concept in sociology class. Why do they need to imply that there's something WRONG with having taste? DontwatchTVphobia? :( I need to be able to own that which oppresses me and it starts with words!


*-[OOC: true story lol]


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