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Counterrevolutionary lesbians emulate gay men to please straight men

In the 1980s, as lesbians lost confidence in their own visions, strengths, and possibilities -- as feminism came under attack and the sex industry went from strength to strength -- many turned to gay men as their models and began to define themselves as "sexual deviants." They developed an identity in total contradiction to that of lesbian-feminism. Lesbian-feminists celebrate lesbianism as the apogee of woman-loving, as a form of resistance to all the practices and values of male-supremacist culture, including pornography and prostitution. The libertarian lesbians who rose up to decry feminism in the '80s attacked lesbian-feminists for "desexualizing" lesbianism and chose to see themselves as "pro-sex." But the practices of this "pro-sex" stand turned out to replicate the version of lesbianism that had traditionally been offered by the sex industry. The brave new "transgressive" lesbians were the very sadomasochistic, butch/femme constructions that had long been staples of heterosexual men's pornography.

~ Sheila Jeffreys, How Orgasm Politics Has Hijacked the Women's Movement

I wasn't aware that "leatherdyke" butch/femme porn has been made for straight men but I am not surprised.

Discuss please.
Tags: bringing my politics to the bedroom, fucking is patriarchal, keep your theories on my body, lesbianism is a political statement, political lesbianism, politics is the core of lesbianism, real lesbians don't fuck, sex = most lethal tool of the patriarchy, sheroes, slutwear, straight "lesbians", stuffing my politics in yr vagina, we are not adults
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