gayge: covered in dirt and glitter (dashingdeviant) wrote in feminist_lite,
gayge: covered in dirt and glitter

The Transsexuals are Perverting Real Womyn!

This study from patriarchal science shows that real womyn are developing the perverted transsexual paraphilia of autogynophilia. While I am all for transsexuals having their right to practice their dirty perversions, they need to do it far, far away from any real womyn. Due to these alarming statistics, I believe that we must be extra vigilant to keep transsexuals away from real womyn. Not because we hate them or want anything bad to happen them, in fact we love them, as long as they do not expose us to their filthy perversions.

I also blame leather dykes for exposing real womyn to perversion. Also, one can tell the study is one of patriarchal science as there is no true, womyn-loving political lesbian option. However, it does confirm what I have long suspected -- that exposure to transsexuals is harmful to womyn -- and may also be why none of them identified as womyn-identified-womyn -- and that we cannot risk them being in our spaces for our own sake.
Tags: political lesbianism
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